Assistant Branch Manager at Exeter

What is your job role? 

I’m involved in all areas of the branch from developing the team and ensuring that they understand their job descriptions to getting our health and safety correct and dealing with issues. A bit of everything!

What’s it like to work for Buildbase?

I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and Buildbase is great. You are empowered to be independent and take responsibility, so you can build your own relationships with customers and manage the sales through your branch. You are wholly in control of your customer accounts and your team.

What do you enjoy about your role?

Developing the team is the best bit, encouraging growth and pushing everyone forward. It’s not all serious, and we share a laugh and joke in the office. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing the improvements that we’d planned for the branch implemented. Over the last couple of years we have transformed our landscaping area with own designs and it looks amazing. We also launched a Red Thursday event with 16 suppliers and we contacted all of our customers. The result was a huge trade event. It was so successful that other branches are doing the same.

How did you get into the industry?

I trained as a teacher and then worked in various admin roles before joining a merchant. It was a totally different kettle of fish, but I quickly started to enjoy it, as every day was so different. I then moved across to Buildbase working in sales and three years ago I was promoted to an assistant branch manager. I love working in this industry. I never had any career inspirations until I got into this. Merchanting really offers great opportunities for everyone.

What advice would you give to other
women wanting to work in the industry?

Be encouraged. Anyone can achieve in merchanting – men and women- just become a part of it and work together.